Testimonials from former students:

“What a relief knowing that I do not have to prepare and take another bar exam! I passed 2017 July Virginia bar exam on my third attempt. Right out of law school, I took Virginia bar two consecutive times and failed, using Barbri both times. After talking to Dwight, I decided to switch to DC bar because passing any bar was my priority at that time. My MBE score was just enough to transfer to DC so I could focus on the essay portion. But unlike VA, DC had MPTs that I was not familiar with. But, Dwight prepared me with the right set of materials and the preparation method that I did not have to scramble. I passed the DC bar on my first try with Dwight’s help.
After I practiced for about a year after being licensed, I changed my job to a VA law firm. My new job required me to be admitted to the VA bar. It was a hard decision for me to take the VA bar that I failed twice. Both of my previous scores with the VA bar were so close to the passing score. But, those were when I devoted my entire waking hours fresh out of law school. Yet, this time, I had to prepare while working full time as an associate — not to mention my other roles as a mom/wife. Dwight broke down realistic and practical number of hours each week per month for the entire three months of the preparation period. He made sure that I did not burn out during the process so my peak performance happens during the two days of the test. Before I saw my name on the 2017 July VA Results, I knew I passed this time. That was how comfortable I was after following Dwight’s method. There is a definitely smarter way of preparing a bar exam. I highly recommend him” – S.K.

“When I found out that I had to take the VA bar for a new job, my first email was to Dwight to ask him if he would help me prepare after the great experience I had with him studying for the NY bar. He helped me choose what materials to use, what subjects to focus on, and how to study in the weeks leading up to the bar. I’m so thankful for his guidance and even more thankful that I passed — it was money well spent!” – H.K.

“Dwight’s tutoring helped me understand what bar examiners look for. I took bar prep classes and knew they did not prepare me in the way I needed. I knew I needed to hit the reset button, but I didn’t know of another way to prepare myself. Dwight helped me understand the formulaic nature of the bar and how to use that formula to my advantage. His instruction included one-on-one sessions, email conversations, and periodic updates. Early on, we developed a manageable schedule and methodology that worked for me and fit into my workweek. He not only prepared me for the nuances of the exam, but prepared me for the sometimes rocky nature of taking the exam in D.C., so I felt prepared for the exam itself and any potential hiccups with the test administration. I’m thrilled I discovered Dwight’s tutoring services and passed the DC bar exam.” – Paul J.

“My situation is perhaps unique in that I was a first-time taker who quickly figured out that the one-size-fits-all approach to commercial bar prep programs was not going to work for me. Dwight was instrumental in helping me pass the Virginia bar exam, not only in helping me prepare for the test by focusing my efforts, but also in helping me RELAX. Most do not associate bar prep with the words “manageable” and “reasonable”, but those adjectives are possible with Dwight’s help. I highly recommend him, and his expertise, to all bar takers.” – Rebecca N.

“After taking the bar exam (and failing) using one of the commercial prep courses, I knew that I had to change my approach. Rather than simply cramming outlines into my head, Dwight took an alternative approach to help me “study smarter” by focusing on what is most likely to appear on the exam. And guess what—it worked!
What I appreciated most about Dwight’s method is that it was really tailored to my strengths and weaknesses. He helped me adjust my studying where I needed it, which allowed me to improve in key areas. Dwight also knows the testing process in and out, which really gave me the confidence boost I needed going into the exam. Thanks Dwight!” – J.H.

“I would highly recommend Dwight to anyone taking the DC, MD, or VA bar exam. After trying a course through Kaplan, I was dissatisfied with the impersonal approach of the one-size-fits-all program, and felt that the information presented was too generic, making it difficult to know which areas I needed to focus on.
Working with Dwight, I was able to hone in on the specific topics that I would be given on the exam, and he worked with me to develop an actionable study plan. I passed the bar on my first attempt following my study with Dwight, and would recommend him to anyone.” – Melissa S.

“After taking and failing the bar the first time, I was very frustrated with how Kaplan and Barbri prepared me for the test. It did not fit my learning style, and they asked me to spend dozens of hours memorizing information that I never needed to actually know to pass. Dwight helped me to create a personalized study plan that used past exam answers to focus on what the bar examiners actually tested. The true value in using Dwight as a tutor was in how efficient he made my study time. I wasn’t filling in the blanks to some pre-made outline, or watching hours upon hours of boring videos. Dwight guided me along every step of the way, made sure I stayed on track, and made the hours I put in studying so much more valuable. I would highly recommend using him as a personal bar exam tutor.” – V.F.

“After failing the VA bar following a full-time prep course, I was skeptical about my chances of passing the second time around while working full-time. Dwight walked me through my options and ultimately helped me decide to transfer my MBE score to DC and only take the DC MPT & MEE day. The study plan he gave me was more manageable than I dared hope for. More importantly, his constant feedback kept me on track when I panicked and strayed from the plan. His knowledge of how and what to study was complemented by his knowledge of what to expect at the testing site, which helped me prepare mentally for test day.
Bottom line, the bar exam is a game of sorts, and Dwight knows how to play it. It was hard to let go of the feeling that I needed to learn everything that might be on the exam, but that was clearly the key to my success. I left the DC bar exam feeling far more confident in my performance and having studied far fewer hours than I did for the VA exam months before.” – Kelly T.

“I was incredibly apprehensive going into my second time taking the New York bar exam, but Dwight helped me with study strategies and techniques that were focused on improving my scores across the board (MBE went from 122 to 150), and I ultimately passed my second time around. You can’t argue with results!” – H.K.

“I’d like to extend a large ‘thank you’ to Dwight for coaching me through the Virginia Bar Exam. After narrowly missing a passing score the first time, I didn’t know if I had the confidence or willpower to go through the study and anxiety of taking the exam a second time. Dwight coached me through the material, condensed my study schedule, and made passing the Bar both manageable and attainable. If you’re looking for a practical and effective method to passing the Bar, then you must contact Dwight. He is an excellent tutor and really cares about your success.” – Andrea H.

“The first time I took the bar exam I used one of the “traditional” test preparation companies. The program contained so much information that at times I felt completely overwhelmed. I was disappointed to learn that I failed. One of my friends introduced me to Dwight and he set me on a proper course of action for the weeks I was going to be studying. Dwight and I stayed in touch regularly and he fine tuned my study program the last few weeks. Dwight’s methods are much different than the “traditional” test preparation companies and he helped to give me the confidence I needed to succeed the second time around. Dwight’s insights on how to study for the exam were invaluable and there were a number of “scenarios” that played out on exam day exactly how Dwight said they would.”

“You can’t argue with results. I took the Maryland Bar Exam three times: once using the Barbri method (failed by a long shot); once using my own study method, and largely relying on Barbri materials (failed); and once using Dwight as a tutor (passed).  The best part about Dwight’s preparation is that I felt very confident both walking into the test, and best of all, walking out.  The waiting period was not the agonizing three months it had been before because as soon as I finished my last MBE question the third time around, I knew I had passed.  Accordingly, I highly recommend Dwight as a bar prep tutor.  He focused my studying on the most important and highly tested areas, and he kept me accountable to his plan. He also explained several elements of the test itself (overall structure, grading of the exam, etc.) that had not made sense before and no one had bothered to explain.  If Barbri did not work for you in July, I would hire Dwight to make sure that you pass!” – E.A.

“I never thought I would be saying that I passed a bar exam. After multiple failed attempts in other jurisdictions, and two failed attempts in Virginia, I was beginning to believe that it would never happen for me. I have a history of poor standardized test taking and a diagnosed learning disability. I struggled with the MBE and at times could not even score a raw 100 on an actual exam. I’ve worked with countless bar tutors, studied more hours than I can count, and tried every approach I could get my hands on. No approach seemed to work for me until I discovered Dwight’s program. At first I was very skeptical because his advice was contrary to what I had been taught by other tutors, and traditional bar programs. However, I had reached a point where I was willing to try a different approach. My only regret is that I did not find Dwight sooner. After our first conversation, he immediately put me at ease and was very calming compared to other tutors I had worked with. He encouraged me to study less instead of more, and actually made the bar exam process enjoyable instead of grueling. I trusted his advice and found that I peaked a week before the test and saw my MBE scores dramatically increasing. The day I took the exam, I think I did better than merely passing. I believe that I performed better than I have on any standardized test. After the first essay day, I felt confident that I had done very well. On the MBE day, I answered the questions methodically. After lunch, I got very sick in the bathroom for more than a half hour and still managed to do well on the exam! Thanks to Dwight, I have gotten my life back!” – H.M.

“I received Dwight’s name from two friends who passed the bar with him. After learning that I was going to have to take the VA bar for the third time, I knew I needed a different approach to studying. Having Dwight’s guidance and support was the biggest difference in the world. Dwight does an incredible job of narrowing down the necessary study materials and guiding you each step of the way. It was also invaluable having someone that would immediately respond to any question or concern. While I was still nervous walking into the exam in July, I knew that Dwight’s study plan had prepared me for anything and everything. With Dwight’s help, my name is now on the VA bar exam pass-list! Thanks so much for everything Dwight.” – S.L.

“As a multiple repeater, Dwight was seriously the game-changer for me. After using a large prep company and even tutoring with a different company, I studied the least and had the most confidence going into this exam. His method and words of encouragement helped me see what the other test companies fail to show you — that this is just an unpleasant game that even a multiple repeater that was working full-time, could beat. Dwight allowed me to raise my MBE score 6 points, going from close to finally passing the NY bar exam and being able to waive into DC. Thank you Dwight, I couldn’t have done this without you!” – Jen B.

“I’d like to thank Dwight for giving me the confidence in passing the DC bar after failing (and coming close to passing) the Virginia bar two times. He helped me chart the path for success by coming up with a schedule while I worked, and gave me encouragement each time I emailed him for updates. My only regret is not contacting him sooner!” – B.W.

“I used Dwight’s help when I took the Virginia bar exam for the second time, on the advice of a friend. I was so glad that I took that advice, because Dwight was infinitely helpful and I passed the second time around! Dwight was able to tell me what to focus on, how to study, how to manage my time, and what mattered (and what didn’t). Most importantly, Dwight was a calm, rational, informed adviser and he helped me understand that the bar IS passable, if you study right. I highly recommend Dwight.” – J.B.

“My discussions and planning with Dwight helped me get oriented and focused on the right path to studying for the D.C. bar exam.  Because of Dwight’s experience, I was able to approach the D.C. bar essay portion with the right mindset, unlike my first bar attempt using bar exam prep courses.  I definitely recommend talking to Dwight!” – E.C.

“Bottom line up front: Sign up with Dwight ASAP!  I took the Bar exam twice – missing a pass score by three points both times, and having paid an arm and a leg for ineffective one-size-fits all courses by BarBri.  I could not recommend Dwight enough.  I just wish I had signed up with him the first time around – would have saved time and money.  He is an outstanding tutor, advising on big picture (i.e. which bar exam makes sense for your purpose), how to go about studying for it (i.e. how to broach studying and practicing), and answering substantive questions in a very responsive manner.  Most importantly his study method was spot-on on the MEE, the MPT, and the MPRE!  Sign up for a slot before he is booked.” – D.R.

“It was a devastating blow of not passing the VA bar exam the first time because I was just two points away from passing. I did well in law school and stayed on track with the standard bar prep course so I was trying to figure out what went wrong. There was just so much information to remember, it was overwhelming. The 2nd time around, I had to take action and approach bar studying differently. I was immediately impressed by his honesty during the consultation, suggesting the number of sessions I’d need and to take time to decide if I’d like to proceed with tutoring at all.
Dwight’s approach to studying was exactly what I needed. I was working full-time until 3 weeks before the bar exam, so I had no time to waste. Dwight clearly and concisely created an individualized study plan that was manageable with my work schedule. His guidance and knowledge of what topics to focus on was dead on. He kept me accountable for my own progress. Dwight also quickly responded to questions and helped break down key concepts. The value of his assistance throughout the process was pretty much invaluable. Dwight believed in me when I doubted myself. I highly recommend his tutoring, and I’m extremely happy with my results!” – Stephanie T., Esq.

“This message is for anyone who is a retaker who has struggled with passing the bar exam. I am here to tell you that you do not have to struggle anymore. Do yourself some good and contact Dwight. Before I worked with Dwight, I took the bar exam several times and my MBE score never rose beyond a scaled 120 no matter what I did. I am not the best test taker and the bar exam was always a nightmare. I have worked with other repeater bar programs but did not pass. Dwight worked with me, recommended a few, essential materials I needed to study, and mapped out my study schedule while working full-time. Believe it or not, less is more. I did not study reams of major bar preparation program materials and passed. Dwight was always available to immediately answer any questions and provide quick feedback on my study progress. I worked full-time and did not take any time off except the Monday before for the DC bar exam and I passed. Without question, preparing for the bar exam is really tough work, especially for repeaters working full-time. However, I did exactly as Dwight recommended and got this done. Work with Dwight, and you will get this done too.” – Pat W.

“Dwight actually made studying for and passing the bar exam a manageable process. I felt extremely overwhelmed before Dwight explained his method and put together a study plan for me. He helped me to focus on the most important parts of the bar exam, and also provided support and direction on a daily basis. I was able to walk into the exam feeling prepared, and walk out feeling confident. I truly believe that Dwight’s method and guidance played a major role in my passing the Virginia Bar Exam on the first try.” – Alexandra O.

“By the time I came to Dwight for help I had already failed the VA bar exam twice by 4 points each time.  The first time I followed Barbri and the second time I worked full time, used Barbri materials, and worked with a different tutor.  It was so demoralizing and frustrating to get so close each time and not pass.  I was desperate for a new approach to studying for the exam and that’s exactly what Dwight gave me.  The key is to trust his plan even when it feels a little unconventional.  I was in contact with him every single day which not only made me accountable for my day-to-day bar exam prep schedule but it also helped keep me grounded.  I knew Dwight was supporting me and tailoring my schedule specifically for me every step of the way.  I took DC and passed!!! I wish I could have worked with Dwight from the very first exam attempt but I’m just grateful I had the opportunity to work with him before I gave up on the whole thing.  Thank you so much, Dwight, for helping me get through one of the hardest times of my life!!!” – L.C.L.

“Hands down – Dwight is the best tutor out there! He took the time to ask the right questions and make sure he could responsibly take on tutoring me. At that moment and throughout my bar preparation, I knew he truly cared about my success and was there every step of the way with daily emails and guidance. He is extremely knowledgeable and while he may not have been in the testing room with me on the exam days, I felt fully prepared and confident having put in the work with his methodology. I previously tried BarBri, Themis and other bar exam prep courses that did not invest as much time and care as Dwight did and yet cost me thousands more. As I consider taking other bar exams, Dwight will always be my go to tutor. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to pass the bar exam.” – D.M.

“I was nervous about taking the Bar a second time and didn’t know where to turn. What a relief it was to have found Dwight! On top of helping me to formulate a comprehensive study strategy to prepare for exam day, Dwight was also incredibly knowledgeable and was quick to respond to questions I had as I went through the study materials. Perhaps most importantly of all, Dwight helped calm my nerves and instill the confidence in me that I would be ready to pass when the time came. I am proud to say that, with Dwight’s help, I passed the exam. I cannot recommend his services any more highly.” – Byron A.

“Thank you so much, Dwight, for such a professional and great service that helped me pass the DC bar exam. With your help, I felt prepared and confident when I took the DC bar as a repeater in February. I spent less than on Barbri the first time, and your strategies were much more focused. You made the material manageable and you are such a respectable guy. I am so relieved to pass!! You are the best, thank you so much!!!” – A.N.

“I cannot recommend Dwight highly enough as a tutor. His goal is to teach you to study smart and he certainly did that with me. After having studied for the Virginia State Bar with a major commercial bar service while working full-time, I was disappointed when I failed on the first attempt. There just weren’t enough hours in the day to adhere to the schedule recommended by the commercial bar service. Thankfully I reached out to Dwight and he helped me to set up a schedule that worked for me. We were in contact nearly every day, and he guided me through the whole process. I passed the Virginia State Bar on the second try while working full-time (taking only a few days off of work) and I can’t thank Dwight enough for his help.” – Tim R.

“After several failed attempts of the Virginia State Bar, I sought out Dwight’s help. I had several friends who spoke highly of his coaching methods. The third time around, I decided to take the District of Columbia Bar, one of Dwight’s specialities. Given that Dwight himself has sat for the exam, I knew he would be able to tailor a strategy around my weaknesses. He showed me how to study smarter and I really went into the test day more calm than I had been with previous exams. I should have gone to him sooner! Thanks for all your help and encouragement Dwight. I passed!” – J.F.

“AHHH just saw I passed!! CANNOT BELIEVE IT! SO excited. I just can’t believe this process is now behind me, and that I passed!! Thank you so incredibly much for everything. There is no way my name would be on that list without all of your help. I am just still in shock. What an incredible surprise. Thank you, thank you!!!!” – J.H.

“I just wanted to let you know that I found out on Friday – and I passed Maryland! Thank you for your help and guidance. I have to admit, I was a doubter at first. But, I committed myself to your schedule and it worked. So, thank you!!! Honestly, I feel the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders. I really appreciate you holding me accountable and keeping me on track leading up to the exam. Good luck with everything. Thanks again!!!” – Preston F.

“I was devastated when I failed the Virginia bar by a few points. I had supposedly done everything correctly–signed up for the correct course, studied anything and everything that course provided me–yet I still could not get my MBE score high enough come test day. Dwight changed that and I fully believe that his approach is the sole reason I passed the second time around. He provides you with a different way of studying that simply works, he’s incredibly calming during a truly horrendous time, and he’s great at creating a study schedule that works with your schedule. At first I was nervous using what I thought was the unproven method of studying the second time around, aka not using a prep course that everyone else uses, but I quickly learned that Dwight’s way is the way to study for this test. I would recommend his services to anyone I know. Put in the time and he’ll get you the results.” -E.W.

“After having failed the Virginia Bar Exam for the third time, I decided I needed to make a change. I had used the BarBri method the first three times and always seemed to miss a passing score by just a few points. A friend of mine who had been in my same situation recommended Dwight. He had used him after failing three times and Dwight had help him pass on his forth. Dwight was nice enough to agree to tutor me and it was the best decision I ever made. After meeting with him for the first time I knew we would get along well. Dwight’s methodology for passing the bar is honestly something I would have never discovered myself. I truly believe that working with Dwight changed everything for me. He helped me focus in on the things that needed work and discover a new way to approach studying. He was always checking in on my progress and making sure I was staying on task. Dwight was instrumental to my success. I would recommend not waiting to sign up with Dwight. If I had to do it all over again I would have used him the very first time I sat for the bar and saved myself a lot of time, money, and tears! Thank you so much Dwight for leading me down the path to success. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you!!!!” – Callie Fitzwater

“I just missed passing the July ’13 administration of the VA bar. I had enrolled in Barbri, as all of my friends and classmates did during 1L, thinking that that would be enough to pass. When the July ’13 results came back and I didn’t pass, I knew that I needed to change the way that I studied. I researched different commercial programs and spoke to several tutors, but the testimonials on Dwight’s blog convinced me that Dwight’s method would work best. After speaking to Dwight, my intuition was confirmed. I left our first session upbeat and positive. The personal study schedule that I created with Dwight’s help proved that I could work full-time, study, and still have time, albeit limited, for family and friends. Keeping Dwight in the loop on my daily progress was incredibly helpful. After the devastation of July’s results, Dwight’s constant encouragement and feedback gave me back my confidence.
Dwight’s method is so efficient and streamlined. He highlighted the subjects that I needed to master and constantly review, as opposed to those subjects that I could learn in a couple of hours. I have long-struggled with multiple choice exams and Dwight’s method really clicked with me. With Dwight’s help, I learned to quickly eliminate wrong answer choices and more importantly, I learned to correctly choose the “best” answer. I came out of the MBE so confident, a marked change from the July administration. Thanks to Dwight, I passed the February ’14 administration of the VA bar! I wish that I had known about Dwight before – I would have saved so much money, time, energy and grief!” – G.M.

“I finally passed the Virginia Bar after 4 attempts! I had signed up for BarBri when I was a naïve 1L and I fully expected to be successful with their program. Unfortunately, their canned program was not quite what I needed to get over the hump and I failed twice. I then tried AmeriBar because I was able to work with a teacher one-on-one. However, I could rarely contact her through email and she always called me from a blocked number. Again, things felt hopeless after my third failure. I had originally contacted Dwight before going with AmeriBar and I decided to go with the “big” name recognition. BIG mistake. After fitting me into his busy schedule, Dwight talked with me at length to determine my problem areas. He came up with a tailored study program that kept me focused on my essays, while still keeping the MBE fresh. He always responded to my questions promptly as we got further into the process and he augmented the study plan based on my progress/energy level/life events. I’m very glad that I went with Dwight this time because I passed. But more than that, I had a great coach to get me through one of life’s harder tests.” – M.S.

“I am a foreign bar exam taker and I had to take the DC bar exam while I was working full time. Dwight was very very helpful to find an efficient way to help me to pass the bar. He pointed out just right the MEE tested subjects which gave me extra time to focus on other areas. His continuous guidance supported me a lot and I finally passed the DC bar exam. I strongly recommend Dwight’s tutoring. The study plan he suggests is very simple but practical and efficient – you’ve got to follow him and he will give you confidence. I cannot thank Dwight enough for his support and guidance!!” – K.Y.

“Thanks to the structured study plan, advice and continued support of Dwight I finally passed the Virginia Bar Exam! The Virginia Bar Exam had become a tried and true arch enemy of mine after taking it three times with no success. I believed I was capable but I simply could not grasp what I was doing wrong. I had changed Bar Courses (Barbri and Themis) , increased study hours cut myself off from the world. None of those changes helped. Whether you are a first time taker or a seasoned vet to the rodeo I would highly recommend Dwight’s services. He will break down a study plan and simplify the entire process! Not only does Dwight give you a clear plan of attack he is consistently available night and day for questions and needed adjustments to your plan. YOU have to put in the work, but if you do and you listen to Dwight…You’ll Pass!!!” – B.G.

“I took the bar exam four times — twice using Barbri and twice using Kaplan — before contacting Dwight. After spending almost two years devoting all my spare time to study for and obsessing about the test, I was at wit’s end. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I had a personal vendetta with the bar exam. I was upset with myself for not passing, but determined to try again. I suspected traditional bar prep wasn’t working for me, so I searched around for alternatives and came across Dwight’s website. During our first meeting, Dwight broke down his approach and put together a clear, goal-oriented plan for me to follow. He encouraged me to contact him as much as I needed. I walked into our first meeting depressed, convinced that I was failure. I walked out feeling rejuvenated and hopeful. It was clear that I had a lot of hard work ahead of me, but Dwight’s study plan provided the exact kind of guidance I needed. I cannot recommend Dwight’s services more highly. His unique and practical approach definitely helped me to pass the Virginia bar exam!” – D.W.

“I had taken the Virginia Bar exam twice (just missing a passing score the second time) before I contacted Dwight. He came highly recommended to me by the staff at Bar Exam Toolbox. He helped me stay on track during the course of my studies to make sure I was getting the most out of my time. Dwight also made recommendations regarding the best books to use and how best to use them. He was always responsive and answered any questions I had. Studying for the bar exam can be stressful and all encompassing, but Dwight made the whole process feel manageable and less stressful. I’m thankful to have found Dwight; his help and guidance helped me pass the Virginia Bar Exam.” -T.M.

“With Dwight’s help I was able to pass the bar while dealing with family issues and working a full time job. His methods allowed me to focus on the important subjects and not become overwhelmed with all the material in the limited time I had to focus on bar preparation. Without Dwight’s tailoring a schedule specific to my needs I would not have been successful at passing the VA bar exam. There is no “shortcut” for passing the bar; however, Dwight teaches you how to study smarter based on your unique circumstances.” – Lindsey S.

“I cannot recommend working with Dwight enough.  From my first call with him to determine whether a private tutor was the right route for me, to the emails we exchanged in between test days, it was clear that Dwight was as committed to my success on the bar exam as I was.  After having taken a bar prep course that focused only on flooding students with volumes of information, I can speak first hand to how effective Dwight’s approach to the bar is in comparison.  In addition to a successful methodology, personally Dwight is an absolute pleasure to work with.  He is always an accessible, patient and supportive teacher.  Dwight, thank you so much for helping me pass the VA bar exam!” – S.A.

“Tired of taking the bar exam over and over (5 times), I set out to find the best tutor there is and found Dwight and passed! I highly recommend Dwight, a coach that has taken several state bars and has real techniques that help your narrow down the responses to the correct answer and avoid exam pitfalls. Most importantly he breaks down the secrets to how the bar exam differs from any other exam you have taken. After taking his MBE coaching which was the portion I struggled with the most, his techniques clicked something in my brain like a light switch and I immediately never looked at the exam the same way again. Literally, the answers almost jumped out to me on the page! Dwight is not a shortcut (there are none on this exam!) he is superior exam strategist that will help you pass this exam!” – J. Carter

“Having failed two previous exams, I was nervous about wasting my time on the DC bar. Dwight met with me, made recommendations about a plan of attack, helped me understand the process, and followed up with me. He was effective and responsive. And, most importantly, I passed the DC bar.” – Adam O.

“After having not passed the July 2012 Virginia bar exam, I did not want to take any chances when it came time to start studying for the February 2013 bar exam.  I spoke to a couple of tutors to find out which one would be the best value and the best fit for me, and I knew instantly that I would have the greatest chance of passing the bar with Dwight’s help.  He has several years of Virginia bar tutoring experience with very successful results, which was a huge plus.  Most importantly for me, however, was that he worked with me to make a customized study plan, which forced me to focus on and ace the most tested subjects and the subjects that I struggled with the most.  Last but not least, he encouraged me to email him as often as possible with my study updates.  This forced me to be accountable to someone other than myself and kept me on track during months of studying.  I would recommend Dwight to anyone taking the Virginia bar, whether you’re a first time taker or a fourth time taker.” – Crystal W.

“I failed the VA bar in July and thanks to Dwight I came into the Feb exam feeling confident and comfortable.  He works with you, develops a plan, identifies your weaknesses and cuts out the unnecessary studying.  I worked full time 40+ while studying through the winter and as a result of following Dwight’s plan I felt over prepared coming into the exam.  He brings his knowledge and experience to the table, including tips I have never heard before, which allows you to relax and focus on what is necessary to pass.” – Nick M.

“My confidence was badly shaken after failing the New York bar exam once, and I approached my second round of studying with the Barbri materials halfheartedly, since they had not proved effective enough for me the first time around. After studying on my own for about two months, I knew I was not where I needed to be, and I desperately reached out to Dwight about seven weeks before the exam. He calmly assured me that it was not too late to pass, and he worked with me to formulate a manageable study schedule. He attentively sought to understand my strengths and weaknesses before instructing me on how best to study substantively in order to pass. More than anything, I appreciate that his approach made the New York bar actually seem extremely manageable, which boosted my confidence tremendously! His help and guidance were definitely game-changing for my studying methods. My MBE scaled score jumped from 128.3 to 148.5 (and I know I made a handful of careless mistakes on exam day). Thanks, Dwight!” – M.D.

“I am very thankful to have had Dwight as my tutor for the bar exam. I am a foreign graduated attorney and the best thing that I got from using Dwight was that he made the goal achievable. When I started to prepare for the Bar exam I felt overwhelmed by just looking at the amount of material that I had to deal with. I thought that I would need at least 6 months in order to read the big mountain of books ahead of me. The minute I met with Dwight my whole perspective changed. He reduced my work load to almost half. He is so knowledgeable about which subjects I needed to focus on for the Bar, that I was able to focus on just what he said and I was able to pass. Also, his technique to study the MBE portion is superb and allowed me to study that part with ease and effectiveness. I am truly grateful for all his guidance and support.” – H. Torres

“My family and I are celebrating!!! I am staring at the computer screen and this time I see my name on the pass list for Virginia! Thank you for successfully steering me through this journey! The key to the results I see today was your smart and focused method of instruction. It was hard at first to abandon my horrible study habits (or rather rituals) I picked up from past bar exams. Your approach helped me streamline and make maximum use out of my limited study time. You helped me stay on course! Thank you for everything!!!!!!” – R.H.

“I wanted to extend my gratitude for all of your guidance and support since last October. I couldn’t have done it without your efforts. I’m thrilled with yesterday’s news, so much that I woke up this morning feeling ten pounds lighter. I’m also glad you persuaded me to re-take Virginia instead of D.C. While I’m certainly proud to be part of the Virginia bar, I’m even prouder with the way I attacked the exam again. I didn’t have to re-take Virginia, but I think I was better for the experience and for the personal growth that came with it. Anyway, thank you again, sir. I wish your students-in-waiting the same good fortune that I received yesterday.” – Eric W.

“Dwight was very helpful in my endeavor to pass the NY bar exam. He helped me to realize what I really needed to study, instead of trying to require me to learn every piece of information in all of the exam subjects. He also helped me to navigate my way through having a full time work schedule and studying for the bar exam. I tried once before to pass the NY bar exam, and with Dwight’s help, I was able to pass this time. I highly recommend him!” – R. Greene

“After having failed the VA bar exam three times by only a couple of points, and resolving not to let this exam get the better of me, I enlisted the help of Dwight to see me through to the other side. He takes the time to really assess what your strengths and weaknesses are and then tailors a customized study plan, something the commercial classes can’t do. He takes a unique approach to the MBE, and I’m walking proof that his method is the best. My fourth and final sitting I passed and it proved successful enough to waive into DC.” – Rebecca L.

“I was tutored by Dwight for the D.C. bar exam in 2010 after failing the bar exam in another state. I transferred my MBE score to DC and thus only had to take the MEE, and was trying to decide between taking Bar/Bri again or going with another approach. I chose to study with Dwight instead of going with Bar/Bri again for several reasons. First, Dwight himself took the DC bar exam and passed using his own methodology. He was therefore intimately familiar with the DC bar and could provide insights into the DC bar’s testing trends that Bar/Bri instructors couldn’t. Second, Dwight offered a flexible, tailored schedule that Bar/Bri did not. Third, Dwight offered the option of tutoring me only for the MEE so that I could target my studies for that section, which Bar/Bri also did not. Finally, Dwight’s personalized approach appealed to me because it allowed us to identify my weak points as the weeks progressed, so that we could focus on those areas and try to make them my strengths. Dwight was always responsive to e-mails and calls, and even responded to an e-mail that I sent during my lunch break on the day of the exam. Bar/Bri couldn’t compete with Dwight’s personalized tutoring program, and it was really comforting to have a personal tutor when the stakes were so high. Things worked out great, and I passed! I plan on moving to another state in a few years, and I will go back to Dwight when it’s time to study for that state’s bar.” -R.A.

“Like any good future lawyer, I found an exception to a rule that allowed me to take the DC bar exam while I was still in school. The one minor problem was, I would have to take my first bar exam while going to school fulltime, and without the “benefit” of barbri. I searched online about information on the DC bar exam, and stumbled onto Dwight’s blog. Since Dwight’s situation was similar (self studying for the exam out of necessity), I thought I would give him a shot. I’m glad I did. The method Dwight used for attacking the bar made mathematical sense, didn’t require the insane time commitment (and cost) of bar review, and I’m happy to report, works on any bar exam (I’ve since passed the CA, NY, MO and TX bar exams).” -J.L.

“After not passing Virginia using the Barbri materials, I was fortunate enough to have found Dwight as a tutor for my second (successful!) attempt. Dwight possessed every quality I looked for in a tutor for the Virginia bar exam. He was friendly, familiar with the subject matter, and made the process of studying for the bar exam manageable. The most beneficial aspect of Dwight’s tutoring was that it was custom-tailored for me. I worked full time as an engineer while studying for the bar. Dwight was able to develop a custom study plan that focused on areas that I needed to improve on most by using learning methods that worked best for me. Dwight was always available to answer questions, provide thoughtful feedback, and to calm me of my bar exam jitters. I highly recommend Dwight; he is excellent, especially when it comes to finding an organized and focused approach to preparing for the Virginia bar exam!” -S.W.

Selected comments left on this blog:

“Thank God, I passed. I received my letter today with a scaled 140.7 on the MBE which looks to be about the mean. I appreciate this blog so much, thanks for all the tips and encouragement. I am so relieved.” – Whew

“passed as well; letter was waiting for me when I got back from my travels. this blog was a wonderful resource throughout the process. please keep up the good work; you are a blessing.” – Amarachi

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and your awesome blog. I passed the July 2009 DC Bar exam and I used your blog as a guide for my study schedule. Thanks again!” – Anonymous

“I passed! Thank you for your blog!” – anon4cec