Tutoring for the July 2017 bar exam

Now that the dust has settled from the February exam, I am going through all requests for July 2017 bar exam tutoring. Every email I have received has been queued and categorized. I am expecting it to take about 2-3 weeks so if you have contacted me you’ll be getting a response soon. Please remember to answer all the questions I have on the Tutoring request page as it helps me understand your individual situation better. Thank you!

VA and DC February 2017 bar exams are done

Hope everyone survived the exams and is now enjoying the nice DC area weather. The exams were about as expected, Virginia tested Property, Torts, Virginia and Federal Procedure, Criminal, Wills and UCC2. DC had a memo and Power of Attorney Motion for the MPTs and the MEEs were Contracts, Family law (conflicts), Property, Agency/Partnership, Corporations and Trusts.

Despite the changes the MBE was about the same as always, which is to say it was tough. Civ Pro looked about the same and the balance of questions with the new topics and larger number of experimental questions seemed to blend in pretty well with the older exams, so they didn’t go too crazy from what I can tell. Curious because there are many variants of experimental questions given so I still need to talk to more people about their experiences to see if there were bigger changes that I haven’t heard of yet.

I will post about anticipated results date when I hear more, but figure mid to late April for DC and VA and May 5th for Maryland.

Tutoring slots for February 2017 are full

I have filled all of my tutoring slots for the February 2017 bar exam. I still have some slots yet to confirm, so more spots may open up to the people on my wait list, and I have several folks to still get back to, so I will get back to everyone who has emailed me so far by the end of the week either way. So if you have not heard back from me yet, I will get back to you soon. If anyone is considering contacting me for the first time now, there is very little chance of an opening for February 2017. But if you have extenuating circumstances, feel free to reach out and maybe I can point you in the right direction. Thank you.

DC July 2016 Bar Exam results posted – UBE pass rate through the roof

DC has posted the July 2016 bar exam results here. The most interesting thing is the pass rate, which is the highest I have ever seen by a long shot. First time test takers had a pass rate of 71% with the overall pass rate being 62%. So, we had a total of 684 people take the exam and 422 passed. This is around double the number of people taking the exam and the pass rate is about 50% higher than usual as well. Congratulations to everyone who passed! If you did not pass, Continue reading

Virginia July 2016 Bar Exam results posted and statistics

The results for the July 2016 Virginia Bar Exam have been posted. The overall pass rate was 73% with nearly 78% of first time takers passing the exam. UVA gets the top prize with the highest overall pass rate of over 92%, which is spectacular, so kudos to the Cavaliers!

The admission ceremony is going to be at the convention center in downtown Richmond at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 7, 2016. This is a very nice ceremony where they convene a special session of the VA Supreme Court. Dress nicely and invite your family/friends to enjoy the special day with you.

Congratulations again to everyone who passed!

Tutoring for the February 2017 bar exam and good luck to those taking the MPRE this weekend

I am now beginning the process of reviewing all the emails I have received so far for tutoring for the February 2017 bar exam. I am anticipating getting through the emails by the end of this month (August 2016) so please be patient. I will review them from the oldest to most recent, but with emails from as far back as early January 2016 it will take me a while so please be patient. When emailing me about tutoring, please remember to always include the following information:

1) Why you are looking for a tutor?
2) Which bar exam (e.g. – July 2017 Virginia Bar Exam) are you planning on taking?
3) List the bar exams you have taken in the past as well as the results and complete breakdown of your scores.
4) How did you prepare for your past bar exams (e.g. – self study, barbri, pmbr, etc.)?
5) Any other information you think will help give a better understanding of your background and current situation.

Looking forward to responding to everyone who has contacted me so far and good luck to everyone taking the MPRE this weekend!