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VA and DC bar exam results for July 2018 are posted

Virginia and Washington DC released their bar exam results the same week for the first time I can remember. Here are the stats and my thoughts on each one.

For Virginia, 71% of all test takers passed the exam with over 76% of first time takers passing. Regent University had the highest overall pass rate at a very impressive 94% followed closely by Continue reading

July 2017 Bar exams are over (VA breakdown)

The Virginia and DC bar exams for July 2017 are officially history. Things seemed to go relatively smoothly in both locations this time around. DC broke the groups up into a few rooms so that may have helped.

On the Virginia bar exam we saw the following subjects tested: VA Procedure, Fed Procedure, Criminal, Local Govt, Domestic Relations, Real Property, Equity, Sales, Personal property, Creditor’s Rights and agency. So, again, no Wills or Trusts this time around, is this becoming a pattern of sorts?

Congratulations to everyone for sticking through it. Results for both DC and Virginia should be out sometime in mid to late October. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer!

Virginia Bar Exam Results from February 2017 are posted

The Feb 2017 Virginia Bar Exam results have been posted at the VBBE website here.

Looks like the overall pass rate was 53.19% , with first time test takers doing pretty good at 70.71%. Congratulations to George Mason University School of Law grads for having the highest overall pass rate at 92.86% and also for 100% of their first time takers passing. Good job to William and Mary and U. Richmond first time takers as well achieving a 100% pass rate. And of course, congratulations to everyone who passed!

If you did not pass, don’t despair. Take a couple days off and then think about the plan you used to study along with how much you studied. Do you feel you did enough? Maybe too much? Maybe not enough? The Virginia bar exam is one of (if not the most) difficult bars in the country and requires well laid out study strategies.

VA and DC February 2017 bar exams are done

Hope everyone survived the exams and is now enjoying the nice DC area weather. The exams were about as expected, Virginia tested Property, Torts, Virginia and Federal Procedure, Criminal, Wills and UCC2. DC had a memo and Power of Attorney Motion for the MPTs and the MEEs were Contracts, Family law (conflicts), Property, Agency/Partnership, Corporations and Trusts.

Despite the changes the MBE was about the same as always, which is to say it was tough. Civ Pro looked about the same and the balance of questions with the new topics and larger number of experimental questions seemed to blend in pretty well with the older exams, so they didn’t go too crazy from what I can tell. Curious because there are many variants of experimental questions given so I still need to talk to more people about their experiences to see if there were bigger changes that I haven’t heard of yet.

I will post about anticipated results date when I hear more, but figure mid to late April for DC and VA and May 5th for Maryland.

Virginia July 2016 Bar Exam results posted and statistics

The results for the July 2016 Virginia Bar Exam have been posted. The overall pass rate was 73% with nearly 78% of first time takers passing the exam. UVA gets the top prize with the highest overall pass rate of over 92%, which is spectacular, so kudos to the Cavaliers!

The admission ceremony is going to be at the convention center in downtown Richmond at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 7, 2016. This is a very nice ceremony where they convene a special session of the VA Supreme Court. Dress nicely and invite your family/friends to enjoy the special day with you.

Congratulations again to everyone who passed!

July 2016 Bar Exams are over – DC, VA and MBE discussion

The July 2016 Bar Exam is over! This was definitely one of the harder exams on the books, with both the MBE and MEEs being more difficult/different than in the recent past. Virginia’s essays were, as usual, fair yet challenging as expected.

In DC we saw about twice the number of test takers due to this being the first time DC has tested as a UBE jurisdiction. Many folks opted against going up to New York or other jurisdictions and decided to stay local and take the exam here. I think yet others opted for DC instead of VA this time as well due to DC being a UBE jurisdiction. As far as the usual chaos that is the administration of the DC bar exam, they did not disappoint, although it was not the worst it has ever been. The main problem this time was delays in starting, which in the grand scheme of things is annoying but not as bad as what we’ve seen before. The morning MPTs were pretty straightforward, with a memo and a brief, but a couple of the MEEs were tricky this year. We had the following MEE subjects: Continue reading