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Strategies and Tactics for the MBE Sixth (6th) Edition Review

The newest edition of the Strategies and Tactics for the MBE book by Steven Emanuel was released a few weeks ago. I have looked over the book and compared it with the 5th edition and there are several major changes, most of them for the better. This is, in my opinion, the best MBE study guide there is, and my primary book when preparing for the MBE. It is great to see it continuously updated and the roughly $80 price is really a steal for such a good resource that contains around 600 practice questions with excellent explanations of the answer choices.

The major change to the book is the addition of Civil Procedure, both Continue reading

Public Service Announcement – Strategies and Tactics 6th edition now available – Tips of the day on twitter

PSA – The new edition of Emmanuel’s Strategies and Tactics for the MBE is now shipping. Expect a full review from me shortly. The main change is the addition of a Civil Procedure section (both questions and a substantive review) plus an additional 100 or so questions from the NCBE OPE-4. If you have the 5th edition, email the publisher as they can give you online access to the Civil Procedure questions.

Also, I have started posting my daily Tips of the Day (#totd) on twitter. Check for the #totd hashtag to get MBE and Virginia bar exam tips each day.

1 week until the July 2013 bar exam

With one week until exam day, the July 2013 bar exam is just around the corner.  I like to make this week all about review: practicing MBE questions, reading over past essays, perusing flash cards and skimming notes.  I’ve also like going over the Strategies and Tactics for the MBE book every day for the rest of this week leading up to the next week.  It’s a great book for nailing down the trickiest and most tested distinctions on the MBE, and unlike essay questions, the MBE requires highly detailed knowledge of distinctions.  For those of you taking Virginia, don’t be fooled into thinking Continue reading

Strategies and Tactics for the MBE – 5th Edition Review

The fifth edition of Emanuel’s Strategies and Tactics for the MBE was published this past October (2012) and, as many of you know, is my favorite book for MBE prep.  A new edition is usually published every 3 years or so, with only minor changes.  The biggest change was in the last edition, the questions were re-written and updated to reflect the new style of MBE questions in 2009, while the content of the subject matter outlines (Study strategies and exam tactics) was left unchanged.  This newest edition with the purplish cover actually does have some new content in the subject matter outlines, although mostly the book is unchanged.  If you already own an earlier edition Continue reading

3L Spring prep classes – Mistake or wise investment?

3Ls are already starting to think about the bar exam. One of the first things I usually get asked about are spring bar exam prep classes. In fact, I was just having a twitter conversation with Stephanie (a 3L who writes the Apparent Authority blog) and another 3L about this same subject. My general advice on these additional classes is Continue reading

Analysis of Barbri’s Virginia bar exam materials for self-study

Those of you that have taken Barbri or are taking it know that when you receive your materials (usually in 2 or even 3 shipments), you get about 40-50 pounds of books. This is quite absurd and one of the reasons I developed my own methodology for studying for the bar exam. Nevertheless, I thought I’d go through and briefly discuss all the individual books you get with the Barbri Virginia package, especially for those of you who will be buying these materials used from a previous test taker as many times some materials are missing. This will hopefully assist in your hunt for used study materials.

Multistate (MBE):

First a quick word on the multistate stuff Barbri gives you. I’ll be honest, I think barbri’s MBE prep is one of the worst out there. Basically, anything else is better (kaplan/pmbr, etc.). They give you a bunch of books, I wouldn’t use any of them.


Now to the good stuff, the Virginia specific materials. Continue reading