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New York July 2015 Bar Exam results posted – Worst in a decade

The July 2015 bar exam results for New York have been posted and it ain’t pretty. As our friends at Above the Law wrote in detail, the pass rates are the worst in almost a decade. The overall pass rate is 61% with first time takers from ABA-schools clocking in at a respectable 79%. A special congratulations to my student who took New York this past summer on her amazing performance in passing the exam!

Of note is this was the last July exam in the current format, making the February 2016 exam the last one in the “old regime”. Starting July 2016 New York will begin using the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) with an add-on NY component. Either way, this past summer was brutal, so an extra congratulations to everyone who passed!

New York Bar Exam Results for July 2014 released

New York has posted their results for the July 2014 bar exam! Out of 11,195 students who took the exam, 65% passed. For first time test takers, the pass rate was 74%.

Private lookup is available here.

The full public list will be available tomorrow on the NYS BOLE website. Congrats to everyone who passed!

UPDATE: Public lookup is available here.

New York switching to the UBE (Uniform Bar Exam) for July 2015

Pretty big news for anyone planning to take the NY bar exam. The New York State Board of Law Examiners has recommended that the existing test (which is generally considered one of the harder bar exams in the nation) be replaced by the NCBE UBE (National Conference of Bar Examiners Uniform Bar Exam). The UBE consists of the 200-question MBE, 6 MEE essays and 2 MPT performance tests.

The Court of Appeals is allowing for Public Comments until November 7, 2014 at the following url:

New York Court of Appeals request for comment

If these changes go through, it would be quite a change as this would be the first “big” state to change their bar exam in favor of the UBE. The target is to replace the existing exam for the July 2015 administration of the New York bar exam. The proposal also states that there would still be a state-specific component. Apparently, the same 50 multiple choice state-specific NY questions would remain as a 1-hour test to be given concurrently with the UBE. The good news is that they are proposing to also offer just the 50 NY questions in December and Early Spring for those who pass the UBE but fail the NY section.

Big changes indeed if this all goes through. Stay tuned…

New York July 2013 Bar Exam results posted

The pass list for the July 2013 bar exam for New York has been publicly posted at for viewing. The overall pass rate was 69% for this administration of the exam. Here are some more detailed pass rate statistics from this summer’s exam:

New York ABA Schools – First Time Takers 88%
Out-of-State ABA Schools – First Time Takers 84%
All ABA Graduates – First Time Takers 86%
Foreign-Educated – First Time Takers 46%
All Foreign-Educated 37%
All First Time Takers 78%

You will find the lookup here.

Feb 2013 Bar Exam Results anticipated posting dates for VA, DC, MD, NY, TX and CA

We’re getting closer to February’s bar exam results, with Virginia’s coming next week.  Here are the expected and anticipated dates for the February 2013 bar exam results for VA, DC, MD, NY, TX and CA:

Virginia – Expected April 25, 2013
DC – Anticipated May 1, 2013
Maryland – Expected May 3, 2013
Texas – Expected May 3, 2013
New York – Anticipated May 9, 2013
California – Expected May 17, 2013

Weekend before the February 2013 bar exam

It’s almost here.  The Feb 2013 bar exam.  The final weekend of studying is an important one, and usually a stressful one.  The feeling of all the months of studying coming to an end, and the feeling that it was not enough time.  Rest assured that I don’t think very many people feel “fully prepared” before taking the bar exam.  There is simply too much law that can be tested to know it all well enough to feel like you are going to ace the exam.  Good thing is, the bar exam is a pass/fail situation with a passing score being usually around the 65% mark.  This isn’t law school, you can’t get an A, or a B+ on the bar exam.  So, you don’t need to have mastered every bit of law in every subject they can possibly test.  Hopefully that little tidbit will help ease some nerves this final weekend.

OK, how about some final tips and advice?

For VA takers, don’t forget to Continue reading