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July 2016 Bar Exams are over – DC, VA and MBE discussion

The July 2016 Bar Exam is over! This was definitely one of the harder exams on the books, with both the MBE and MEEs being more difficult/different than in the recent past. Virginia’s essays were, as usual, fair yet challenging as expected.

In DC we saw about twice the number of test takers due to this being the first time DC has tested as a UBE jurisdiction. Many folks opted against going up to New York or other jurisdictions and decided to stay local and take the exam here. I think yet others opted for DC instead of VA this time as well due to DC being a UBE jurisdiction. As far as the usual chaos that is the administration of the DC bar exam, they did not disappoint, although it was not the worst it has ever been. The main problem this time was delays in starting, which in the grand scheme of things is annoying but not as bad as what we’ve seen before. The morning MPTs were pretty straightforward, with a memo and a brief, but a couple of the MEEs were tricky this year. We had the following MEE subjects: Continue reading

Strategies and Tactics for the MBE Sixth (6th) Edition Review

The newest edition of the Strategies and Tactics for the MBE book by Steven Emanuel was released a few weeks ago. I have looked over the book and compared it with the 5th edition and there are several major changes, most of them for the better. This is, in my opinion, the best MBE study guide there is, and my primary book when preparing for the MBE. It is great to see it continuously updated and the roughly $80 price is really a steal for such a good resource that contains around 600 practice questions with excellent explanations of the answer choices.

The major change to the book is the addition of Civil Procedure, both Continue reading

Public Service Announcement – Strategies and Tactics 6th edition now available – Tips of the day on twitter

PSA – The new edition of Emmanuel’s Strategies and Tactics for the MBE is now shipping. Expect a full review from me shortly. The main change is the addition of a Civil Procedure section (both questions and a substantive review) plus an additional 100 or so questions from the NCBE OPE-4. If you have the 5th edition, email the publisher as they can give you online access to the Civil Procedure questions.

Also, I have started posting my daily Tips of the Day (#totd) on twitter. Check for the #totd hashtag to get MBE and Virginia bar exam tips each day.

Virginia, DC, Maryland and NY February 2016 bar exams are over

And with that, the February 2016 bar exam is over in this area for DC, Maryland, NY and Virginia. With this, NY and DC will be joining the growing number of jurisdictions to adopt the UBE starting with the July 2016 exam this summer (keep your eye open for an upcoming post on this topic soon). The exams were brutal and the weather pretty miserable but that’s about what you have to expect when it comes to the bar exam. DC didn’t disappoint with a dismal proctoring experience and near mutiny by the test takers over incorrect timing and other issues but everyone managed to survive more or less. Other jurisdictions were mostly smooth as usual. See below for the breakdown of subjects tested and some release date predictions: Continue reading

July 2015 Washington DC Bar Exam Results Posted

The bar exam results from the July 2015 DC Bar Exam have been posted at the Committee on Admissions website. The overall pass rate was 39.1%, with 53.8% of first time takers passing. These are right in line with the normal rates for DC’s summer exam. Congratulations to everyone who passed! It’s nice to see DC get their results out in a timely fashion as well, hopefully this is an indication of things to come. First laptops, now a speedy posting of results, keep up the good work DC Committee on Admissions.

July 2015 Bar Exam is over! DC and VA breakdown of subjects

Exhausted, tired, relieved that the bar exam is over. It was a long, hot summer. I am so relieved to have the rest of the summer to relax and I hope everyone else is able to enjoy these next few months till results come out. I know that waiting for results is painful and stinks but make the best of it and enjoy the free time as a result of not having to study, I know I will.

I thought the Virginia essays were fair and straightforward. They tested the following subjects: Continue reading