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July 2014 Bar Exam is over – Results coming in a couple of months

Now that the bar exam is over, we wait for the results. This is the worst part really, 2+ months of waiting from here is no fun. DC and Maryland should post the last week of October, we’re looking around Oct 29th for DC and Oct 31st for Maryland. Virginia is a bit earlier to post and will be in mid October, towards the end of the week, October 17th. And of course for California, you’ve got over 3 months of waiting, until November 21st until the results are sent out.

This bar exam marked the end of a couple of things. First of all, for DC and all other jurisdictions using the MEE (including all UBE jurisdictions), commercial paper is no longer a tested essay topic. Additionally, for everyone except Louisiana and Puerto Rico (which doesn’t use the MBE), this was the last time the MBE will test the same six subjects because starting with the next bar exam in February 2015, Civil Procedure will be added to the MBE as a 7th subject. My students for February already have a strategy around this and in fact this should make the MBE easier for those who have struggled with it in the past for several reasons, but we’ll cover that another day. For the time being, try not to think about the bar exam and enjoy the rest of the summer. The results will be here when they will be here, nothing can make them come sooner or later.

July 2013 California Bar Exam results released

Congratulations to all who passed the July 2013 CA bar exam! The public pass list has been posted here as of this morning.

The overall pass rate was 55.8% which is just under 5,000 successful test takers out of nearly 9,000. First time takers did decently well, passing at a 68% pass rate which was considerably better than the repeat taker pass rate of only 21%. As usual, this indicates that repeat takers should try a different approach than they did in previous attempts as most repeat takers typically do not modify their previous study strategy. If it didn’t work the first time, history shows that it is not likely to work the second time.

Feb 2013 Bar Exam Results anticipated posting dates for VA, DC, MD, NY, TX and CA

We’re getting closer to February’s bar exam results, with Virginia’s coming next week.  Here are the expected and anticipated dates for the February 2013 bar exam results for VA, DC, MD, NY, TX and CA:

Virginia – Expected April 25, 2013
DC – Anticipated May 1, 2013
Maryland – Expected May 3, 2013
Texas – Expected May 3, 2013
New York – Anticipated May 9, 2013
California – Expected May 17, 2013

July 2012 California Bar Exam Results and Analysis

Time to review the CA bar exam from this past July. The public pass list is available here:

Overall pass rate was 55.3%. That’s 4,834 people out of 8,737 applicants. As usual, first time takers did better, with a 68% pass rate. Nearly 3/4 of the test takers were first timers (74.2%), that’s 6,485 first-time applicants. For the 2,252 repeat takers, their pass rate was 18%.

Finally, first time test takers from a California ABA school had a pass rate of 77% and repeat takers passed at a 24% pass rate. First time out-of-State ABA school takers had a 64% pass rate while the repeat takers had a 21% pass rate.

California’s mean scaled MBE score was Continue reading

July 2012 New York, Maryland and Texas bar exam results

3 more July 2012 bar exam results are available today. Private lookup only for New York at the following link:

On Monday NY will post the public list on their website.

Maryland is releasing today at 4:30PM at the following link:

Finally, you can get your Texas July 2012 results here:

Congratulations to everyone who passed! California is still a ways off, Friday the 16th for private lookup and Sunday the 18th for public posting. Best of luck to everyone.