February 2013 DC Bar Exam Results Posted

The results have been made available at the courthouse on the door of the Committee on Admissions.  Letters are in the mail to all test takers.  Here is the official pass list available online: http://www.dcbar.org/for_lawyers/membership/current_members/examResults.cfm.  Here is a photo of the pass list (Thanks JB!):


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Dwight Zenzano

Dwight Zenzano

Tutor at dcbarexam.com
Dwight Zenzano is the author of the Bar Exam Blog at www.dcbarexam.com and tutors for all bar exams across the country. He specializes in the Virginia and DC bar exams and does in-person tutoring in the Washington DC metro area.
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Dwight Zenzano

About Dwight Zenzano

Dwight Zenzano is the author of the Bar Exam Blog at www.dcbarexam.com and tutors for all bar exams across the country. He specializes in the Virginia and DC bar exams and does in-person tutoring in the Washington DC metro area.

28 thoughts on “February 2013 DC Bar Exam Results Posted

  1. NeverGiveUp

    Thank you so much for this! My co-worker and I both passed and we are ecstatic. I have a question – what does this mean regarding our status? We are not licensed in any other jurisdiction – are we DC pending or are we just nothing (meaning, no change in status from just being a non-licensed JD) until the swearing-in ceremony?

    1. Dwight ZenzanoDwight Zenzano Post author

      I believe you are licensed, but not admitted to practice before the DC court until the swearing-in ceremony. Of course, check with the Committee on Admissions to be sure.

  2. DC Feb Taker

    thank you sooo much for posting. This not only made my day, but it made those months of preparation feel really good now!

  3. CS

    Dwight, can you confirm this is definitely a copy the official list posted at the courthouse? I see my name on it and I wasn’t able to get to the courthouse today to confirm and of course there’s still no online post on the DC bar website.. Please confirm, thanks so much in advance! and Thanks to whoever took the picture!!

  4. SG

    Thanks so much for posting this!

    Do you know where to get more information about when and how to apply to get sworn in to the court, to pay dues, and whatever else is required?

    1. Midwesterner in DC

      Patience, SC. You will receive a letter from the court (within the next 2-3 weeks) that will tell you the following info:

      – info about the swearing in ceremony (liklely within the first couple weeks in June, D.C. Court of Appeals Courtroom);
      – a line stating that I “cameras are NOT permitted inside the courthouse.” Note: I did see numerous people with cameras at the ceremony so apparently that rule did not apply (although cell phone cameras are much better these days);
      – brochure on the mandatory bar course (must be completed within one year of admission, generally offered once a month, every other month is a Saturday);
      – D.C. bar registration form;
      – application for an engraved certificate of admission;
      – supplemental questionnaire (asking if you’ve been bad since you applied).

      The mandatory bar course was at the Reagan building in a huge room in the basement. It was quite boring and had a few hundred people at it. Bring a book.

  5. T

    If I passed the MPRE previously, do I just have the results forwarded to the DC Bar? Is there any expiration for your MPRE score if you have taken it in the past?

      1. T

        Thanks. I didn’t see any mention of an expiration in the Rules of Admission but I just wanted to make sure.

  6. S


    The letter in the mail I received from the DC bar indicates that successful candidates need to send their MPRE scores and they will receive information about the oath of admission ceremony.

    I haven’t taken the MPRE – I thought we could take it up to one year after the bar exam and planned to take it in August.

    Are there only two admission dates per year, and if so, does this mean that if I complete my requirements in august (plus however long it takes to grade) I won’t be able to get admitted until whenever in 2014 the July bar exam takers are admitted?

    Thanks very much for any information.

  7. Guillermo Pena

    Does anybody know when the Swearing in ceremony is???? I have not received anything from the bar other than the letter letting me know I passed and confirming that I had sent the MPRE results.

    1. Alawyer

      I am in the same situation. I have to fly into DC for the swearing in ceremony and still no news about it…

        1. Sadie

          I called the Board of Admissions this week to see if they had any idea about the swearing in date. I passed last July and took the MPRE in April.
          I have been searching the net to get some idea when they will notify us of the date. Seems like MD and VA have their dates. Anyway, the person on the phone told me that if not in June than July. She said they have not mailed out letters yet. Ugh.

  8. T

    I just recieved a letter from the DC Bar today requesting that I not have the MPRE officials send a copy of my score to them and to please submit the appropriate documentation myself. Is this new? I understood that correct procedure was to have the NCBE folks forward my score to the DC Bar.


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