July 2015 Bar Exam is over! DC and VA breakdown of subjects

Exhausted, tired, relieved that the bar exam is over. It was a long, hot summer. I am so relieved to have the rest of the summer to relax and I hope everyone else is able to enjoy these next few months till results come out. I know that waiting for results is painful and stinks but make the best of it and enjoy the free time as a result of not having to study, I know I will.

I thought the Virginia essays were fair and straightforward. They tested the following subjects: Continue reading

Stress and anxiety management workshop June 13th

Wanted to let everyone know that Brooke Baker is hosting another workshop around stress and anxiety management, this one is called “Release Into Yoga: Stress Management Workshop”. This one is being held June 13th from 2:00PM to 4:00PM. Brooke’s workshops are excellent in helping to deal with stress when studying for the bar exam. You can find out more details on her website.

UPDATED: DC Bar Exam to allow laptops this summer July 2015; late filing deadlines for DC and MD

If you head on over to the DC Court of Appeals website there is yet another interesting order and notice that has been posted indicating that rule 46(b)(8)(v) has been modified to allow the use of “computers” on the DC Bar exam. The Committee on Admissions has secured Exam4 as a laptop exam software provider for this summer. Details and a laptop registration link have been provided to all applicants via letter. This is terrific news for everyone taking the exam this July 2015 that wants to use a laptop. Registration ends June 30th for laptops and the cost is $92.00.

As a quick reminder, for those of you filing late, today by 5PM is the late filing deadline for DC and tomorrow is the late filing deadline for Maryland.

Bar Exam Tutoring roster for July 2015 is full

I know not all states have released results yet (California, etc.) but I am unfortunately not accepting any additional students for this July 2015’s Bar Exam, I have limited time this summer and only take on as many students as I feel I can best provide a complete 1 on 1 program for. I have reached that limit and sadly must decline any additional students for this summer. I do have a minimal waitlist but I am not accepting any more students for the waitlist either and to be honest there is a very low likelihood that even the first student on the waitlist will end up with a spot for this summer. As for February 2016, I have signed up a few folks for that exam and have plenty of spots as of now. Of course, if you are taking this July 2015’s summer bar exam and want to send me an email or have extenuating circumstances I am always happy to discuss and provide some guidance to try and help when possible. To everyone that has already emailed me, rest assured I do respond to each and every email I receive I just need to finish going through my inbox and it does take time. Thank you for your understanding and good luck this summer.

DC Bar Exam Results for Feb 2015 posted

The February 2015 Washington DC Bar Exam results are posted here on the Committee of Admissions Website. Congratulations to everyone who passed! The overall pass rate was barely a third of all test takers at 37.27%. First time takers did a little bit better but still less than half of them passed, 47.2%. In all, 102 out of 271 people passed this administration of the DC bar exam. It was the first time Civil Procedure was tested on the MBE but that did not seem to be much of a factor as the questions were as expected and the pass rates are in line with previous Winter administrations of the exam. If you did not pass, wait for your results in the mail and go over how you did and then re-assess how you should study/prepare differently for this summer. For everyone who passed, don’t think about anything else and just relax and enjoy the weekend.