Tutoring slots are FULL for February 2015 Bar Exam

As the title says I am not accepting any more students for the February 2015 bar exam. This has been the case for nearly a couple of months now as I filled up around the end of August. I know it may seem unfair to July test takers as results just came out, but I only take on a handful of students each exam and prioritize multiple repeat takers, and they tend to decide which bar they are taking further in advance. If you have an exceptional set of circumstances feel free to email me but please keep in mind I am taking students for July 2015 at this time. My roster for July is about 1/2 full at this point but I still have open spaces. I will always post in the right side of my blog when I am full for the current exam and which exam I am currently accepting students for.

DC Bar Exam for February 2015 MBE changes and waiving in your old MBE score

There is a considerable amount of concern around the DC Bar Exam for this February as Federal Civil Procedure is being added to the MBE for the first time as a 7th subject. The primary area of concern is around test takers who have previously (within 2 years) taken a bar exam and scored a 133 or higher on the MBE. Normally, DC allows these folks to waive in their score and not take the MBE, allowing them to take only the essay day. However, the Committee on Admissions Rules state that if the subjects on the MBE change then this does not have to be permitted. The DC Committee on Admissions has previously stated that they are only observing the 2 year rule and waivers would be permitted for this February. However, after speaking in detail with the office Continue reading

New York Bar Exam Results for July 2014 released

New York has posted their results for the July 2014 bar exam! Out of 11,195 students who took the exam, 65% passed. For first time test takers, the pass rate was 74%.

Private lookup is available here.

The full public list will be available tomorrow on the NYS BOLE website. Congrats to everyone who passed!

UPDATE: Public lookup is available here.

Bar Stress Management workshop being offered next month

All right folks, just in time for the start of Winter studying for the February 2015 bar exam I am happy to say that Brooke Baker in DC is offering a Bar Exam Stress Management workshop at Yoga District’s Glover Park studio on November 1st from 1:15 to 3:15. It’s a great way to learn techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety management which usually peaks around this time of year with results coming out and studying beginning. Interested folks can sign up on Yoga District’s website: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=2070

July 2014 Virginia Bar Exam Results Posted

The results for the July 2014 Virginia Bar Exam have been posted over at the VBBE’s website.

Overall pass rate was 68%
The first time taker pass rate was 72.86%

Congratulations to everyone who passed! This is a big moment and your hard work has paid off. The swearing in ceremony is on December 3rd at the Greater Richmond Convention Center at 12:30PM. It’s a very nice ceremony and is a special session of the Supreme Court of Virginia.

For everyone who did not pass, don’t despair. Instead, look over how you studied for the exam and what you feel you should have done differently. Don’t give up and be sure to apply to take the February exam before the December 15th deadline.