Tutoring full for February 2016 bar exam

The title says it all, I am full for the February 2016 bar exam. I know California is not out yet, and MD just came out Friday, but I have reached my limit of students for all states for February 2016. If you are interested in July 2016, I am taking applications now but there is no rush as I will not be accepting anyone until after the February exam is over. For those of you that have already emailed me, I will respond back to you. For those of you in active correspondence with me I will get back to you ASAP. When looking for a bar exam tutor I always tell people to trust their instincts. Talk to the tutor over the phone and be sure you have a good connection with them. Ask them how many years they have been tutoring and how successful they are at doing it. (It sounds obvious, but you want someone who is good at helping people pass) Be sure to find out if they actually care if you pass the exam or not, many tutors are just in the business to make as much money as they can without really caring whether or not their students pass the exam. So, in the end you want to make sure that the person you hire is someone who you will enjoy working with who you trust is an expert in what they do.

Tutoring for the February 2016 Bar Exam

My roster is nearly filled for February 2016, for any and all bar exams. I promise to get through and respond to every email still sitting in my inbox (a little less than 100 as of tonight). For those of you I have already responded you, rest assured I am working to schedule preliminary calls to review what options exist for your particular scenario. I only take on a few students each administration so I unfortunately cannot accept everyone that is interested in working with me. If you are interested in July 2016, I will be working on that roster starting in a couple of weeks. For those of you waiting for Maryland bar exam results this Friday, please don’t be discouraged, I will still take on a couple MD students even after I finalize my roster for February this week. And of course, I have a spot or two for California since that’s still over two weeks away. If you have any questions about tutoring, or tips on finding a tutor or even if tutoring is right for you, please feel free to post a comment or send me an email.

Virginia July 2015 Bar Exam Results posted!

The Virginia Board of Bar Examiners has posted the results of the July 2015 Virginia bar exam here. Congratulations to everyone who passed! The overall pass rate was 71%. First time takers had a good pass rate of 75.6%. The top school this summer was UVA with an overall pass rate of 89.8%. The admissions ceremony will be December 9th in Richmond, which is a nice ceremony. Again, congratulations to everyone who passed. For those of you that did not pass, take a look at your scores when they come in the mail and see if the MBE or essays (or both) were your problem areas. Think about the approach you took, how much time you studied, etc. The best thing to do is continue studying for February using what worked for you and changing what didn’t work.

New York July 2015 Bar Exam results posted – Worst in a decade

The July 2015 bar exam results for New York have been posted and it ain’t pretty. As our friends at Above the Law wrote in detail, the pass rates are the worst in almost a decade. The overall pass rate is 61% with first time takers from ABA-schools clocking in at a respectable 79%. A special congratulations to my student who took New York this past summer on her amazing performance in passing the exam!

Of note is this was the last July exam in the current format, making the February 2016 exam the last one in the “old regime”. Starting July 2016 New York will begin using the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) with an add-on NY component. Either way, this past summer was brutal, so an extra congratulations to everyone who passed!

July 2015 Washington DC Bar Exam Results Posted

The bar exam results from the July 2015 DC Bar Exam have been posted at the Committee on Admissions website. The overall pass rate was 39.1%, with 53.8% of first time takers passing. These are right in line with the normal rates for DC’s summer exam. Congratulations to everyone who passed! It’s nice to see DC get their results out in a timely fashion as well, hopefully this is an indication of things to come. First laptops, now a speedy posting of results, keep up the good work DC Committee on Admissions.

July 2015 Bar Exam is over! DC and VA breakdown of subjects

Exhausted, tired, relieved that the bar exam is over. It was a long, hot summer. I am so relieved to have the rest of the summer to relax and I hope everyone else is able to enjoy these next few months till results come out. I know that waiting for results is painful and stinks but make the best of it and enjoy the free time as a result of not having to study, I know I will.

I thought the Virginia essays were fair and straightforward. They tested the following subjects: Continue reading